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Name Dept. Title Ext.
Adair, John Public Works Director x 315
Alverson, Brenda Finance Reception x 332
Bolster, Chris
(direct 839-8334)
Public Works Fleet Maintenance Foreman x 311
Burgess, Heather Public Works Executive Assistant x 316
Carter, Larry Fire Captain Shift C x376

Childs, Bob



x 330

Ellis, Debbie
(direct 650-9548)
Recreation and Special Events Supervisor of Special Events x 359
Elsibai, Melissa Finance Finance Assist / Recept x339
Farria, Mike PB&Z Building Official x340
Herrmann, Debra Administration Town Clerk x333
Hofmann, Kenneth Police Chief x351
Kindzia, Nicole Business Licenses, Hospitality and Accommodations Tax Business License Official x 342
King, Diana Finance Director x 336
Mattingly, Vickie Finance Payroll / Human Resources x 334
Mazzo, Tina PB&Z Permit /Flood x341
Miller, Arron Police Captain x 345
Morris, Sabrina PB&Z Director x354
Myers, Willie
(direct 839-8336)
Public Works Street Supervisor x 314
Otte, Kevin Fire Chief x 343
Parson, Tanika Police Administrative / Records Supervisor x 346
Pieper, Dennis Administration Town Administrator  
Patrick Ryan
(direct 839-8335)
Public Works Sanitation Supervisor x 312
Riley, Valerie Court Assoc Judge/Clerk of Court x 338
Sacra, Ted Fire Captain Shift B x376

Simpson, Eric   

Public Works

Grounds Supervisor

x 321

Stalnaker, Mary Lynn Public Works Executive Assistant x316

Todd, Dennis                           (direct 685-1796)

Public Works Facilities Foreman



Weaver, Courtney Finance Senior Accountant x335
Williams, Prentice Fire Captain Shift A x 376