Town of Surfside
Town of Surfside Building & Zoing Forms
  Application-Accessory Building or Use  
  Application-Board of Zoning Appeals  
  Application-Building Permit  
  Application-Encroachment Permit (State Rd)  
  Application-Encroachment Permit (Town Rd)  
  Application-Move Structure Permit  
  Application-Owner Building Permit  
  Application-Sign Permit  
  Application-Temporary Certificate of Zoning Compliance  
  Application-Tree Removal  
  Application-Zoning Approval   
  Building Permit Fees  
  Code Enforcement Roster Card  
  District Regulations  
  District Zoning Map  
  Flood Hazard Areas Addendum Permit  
  Impervious Surface Calculations  
  Inspection Requirements  
  Landscaping and Lot Coverage Worksheet  
  Maintenance Application (For Structures in Floodplain Only)  
  New Construction and Addition Requirements  
  Non Conversion Agreement & Affidavit  
  Outdoor Cafes Encroachment and Application  
  Outdoor Cafes Requirements and Design Specifications  
  Outdoor Cafe Soft Barrier Design  
  Stormwater Easement with Affidavit  
  Stormwater Maintenance Covenant  
Town of Surfside Beach
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Flood Protection

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