Mayor's Update 10/16/2020

Mayor Hellyer’s Daily Update

October 16, 2020

  • South Carolina Cases: 155,7899 **    
  • South Carolina Deaths 3,405**                              
  • Horry County Cases: 10,919 ** denotes results (10/16/2020 2:59 PM)

I spoke with the representative from DHEC this afternoon about the testing done in Surfside today at the Wild Water and Wheels Pop-up event for COVID-19 testing.  Today there were 150 people that showed up to be tested.  The number of people tested has increased every week over the last three weeks.  DHEC is scheduled to provide testing at this site every Friday during the month of October.  I am told that they may keep testing at this site as long as the number of people keeps increasing.  DHEC is being assisted with the help of the National Guard.  I would like to thank everyone that participated.  This is a great service that his being provided to our town.

John Adair from Public Works has informed me that after a week of picking up trash and litter, his crew has resumed mowing the grass on Highway 17 this week.   It is a noticeable improvement.  We are still waiting on the Santee Cooper crew to return from Louisiana to finish the street lights. 

There will be a Special Meeting of the Town Council on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 6:30 PM.  The purpose of this meeting is to have a second reading of ORDINANCE #20-0224 – An Ordinance of the Town of Surfside Beach authorizing the amended lease between Surfside Beach and the Atlantic Restaurant Group.  The agenda should be posted today by the close of business.  All residents are invited to attend.


I am sure many of you have noticed that the Town of Surfside Beach has an employment opening for Fire Chief.  Local news also reports that Chief Kevin Otte is retiring by year’s end.   He will be missed….We wish him the best. 



Have a great weekend…..Be Safe…. Wear a Mask … Thank You … Mayor Bob Hellyer 

Posted by Sheri 10/16/2020