mayor's Update 9/1/2020

Mayor Hellyer’s Daily Update

September 1, 2020

  • South Carolina Cases: 118,116**
  • South Carolina Deaths 2,626**                              
  • Horry County Cases: 9,308** denotes results (09/01/2020 3:51 PM)
  • Note*** The DHEC website is no longer showing cases by zip code…

Just to keep everyone informed, the grass on Rt 17 Business is getting long again and SCDOT has assured us that their contractor will be cutting it again in the next few weeks.  A special thanks to John Adair

For keeping on top of this.


A workshop is scheduled for this Thursday, September 3rd at 2 PM, to discuss the pier restoration process. We will be discussing the evaluations completed, other associated costs not provided in the contract, and a detail report from the finance director specifically regarding the monies set aside for this project. If all goes well at this workshop, we should be prepared to vote on the pier bid at our September 8th regular Town Council Meeting.  While space is limited, everyone is invited to call in and listen.  The agenda has been posted:


I would also like to thank the group of residents that reached out requesting more information about the pier other ongoing issues in the town.  It was nice to sit down with a group of concerned residents at the 9th Ave beach access and have a constructive discussion on where we are and where we are going. It is good to see residents that are concerned and want to be informed of the issues.


As schools is getting started and the numbers seem to be more stable, it is important to remember that this is only because of the efforts that everyone has done to contribute to the success of this initiative.  We need to keep doing what we are doing to ensure that the numbers continue to decrease.  Remember to social-distance and always where a mask when in public.


I welcome your input. I can be reached at and I will respond…


Stay Safe ... God Bless … Wear a Mask … Thank You … Mayor Bob Hellyer 

Posted by Sheri 09/01/2020