Town Code of Ordinances   ◄ (click link to access online ordinances)

The official Town Code of Ordinances is maintained in the Town Clerk's Office.  The Town Code published at Municipal Code Corporation is for information only, and is not to be used for legal research or to determine whether an action complies with the Town Code.  There is no guaranty that the most current ordinances have been published on this site.  You must consult with Town Staff to ensure that you have the most current code.


Recent Ordinances

19-0911 Failed - Lease Agreement for Two Parking Spaces
19-0910 Amend Section 2-39(b) Move Executive Sessions
19-0909 Budget Amendments FY2019-2020
19-0908 Chapter 9, Motor Vehicles & Parking - TABLED
19-0907 Section 12-67 Umbrellas and Cabanas
19-0906 Section 12-25, et seq. Sidewalk Widths for Outdoor Cafes
19-0905 Allow Bingo in C1 - FAILED
19-0904 Rezone Public-Owned Properties to Public Land District (PL)

Recently Codified Ordinances 

19-0903 Adopt FY2019-2020 Tax Millage & ARecently Codified Ordinancesmend Exhibit 1 of Ordinance #19-0895
19-0902 Tabled - Amend Chapter 13 Administration 
19-0901 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
19-0900 Establish Public Land (PL) District
19-0899 Amend 2-61(b)(ii) Volunteer Applications (click here to view application form)
19-0898 TABLED Holes on the Beach
19-0897 Grant Utility Easements to HTC, Inc.
19-0896 Amend Fund Balance (re Beach Renourishment Funding) and establish SW Utility Fund
19-0895 Adopt Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Municipal Budget
19-0894 Amend FY2018-2019 Municipal Budget
19-0893 Stormwater Management Utility Fee
19-0892 Chapter 2, Administration (Changes to meeting time, agenda, committees)
19-0891 Month-to-Month Lease Pier Outfitters, Inc.
19-0890 Local Accommodations Tax
19-0889 Hospitality Tax
19-0888 Section 14-51 Development Activity Definition
19-0885 Accessory Structures, no Stormwater Plan if 120 square feet or less


These ordinance copies are provided for general information only. Decisions regarding construction, building and zoning actions, or any other actions should NOT be based solely on the online ordinances. Please contact the Planning, Building and Zoning department prior to construction or other departments as applicable to ensure that you are informed of the most current code.

Official copies of adopted ordinances may be requested by contacting the town clerk via phone at 843.913.6333, by US mail at 115 Highway 17 North, Surfside Beach, SC 29575, or by electronic mail at townclerk@surfsidebeach.org.