On the weekend of October 8, 2016, Surfside Beach was hit by Hurricane Matthew, the first category 5 Atlantic hurricane since 2007.  Matthew was down to a category 2 by the time it hit the South Carolina coast.  Despite the downgrade in strength, Matthew hit hard.  Our pier suffered extensive damage, losing over 50 percent of its length and scattering debris from Ocean Lakes to Garden city.  It was a devastating blow.


The pier is currently closed to fishing.


Surf Diner, Pier Outfitters and Licks Ice Cream are open for business.  There is a short amount of pier that you can stroll.


As of Spring 2018, FEMA has approved funds to rebuild the pier bigger and better and are conducting an Environmental and Historical Impact Study.  This process could take 6-18 months.


Once the study is complete, the Town can then seek bids to rebuild the pier.


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Pier Outfitters Website