Planning Commission Meeting

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
7:00 PM
Town Council Chambers


Establish a new zoning district LI (Limited Industrial) within the town by Amending Article Division 1 Section 17.301 to add (10) LI (Limited Industrial District) to the zoning ordinance.  Section 17-303 District Dimensional Standards to include LI (Limited Industrial) with dimensional standards.  Division 11 Light Industrial District amend Section 17-393 to include Intent; Section 17-394 to include uses; Section 17-395 to include minimum lot size Section 17-396 to include minimum lot width at the building line; 17-397 for yard setbacks; 17-398 for maximum building height; Section 17-399 Reserved.  Renumber the Existing Division 11 to coincide with current amendments.  Amend Use Chart to include LI (Limited Industrial Uses) with permitted uses and conditional uses noted.  Amend the Use conditions section of Warehousing/storage facility subsections (a) and (b).  Add under conditional uses Manufacturing/Industrial Uses and number Section accordingly.  Add subsections (a), (b), (c) and (d) under the new Manufacturing/Industrial Uses.  Amend Table 17-420 Parking Chart to include “T”, “U” and “V” for parking space requirements.  Amend Section 17-007 to include additional definitions for Custom Manufacturing, High Technology, Light Industrial and Wholesaling, storage and distribution.  Amend Sign Provisions Chart 17-622(c) t include allowed signage for LI (Limited Industrial District) with size and number requirements. Amend Section 17-644 (a) and (b) to include Signs Permitted in Light Industrial District and guidelines. Amend Section 17-652 to include Section 17-644 and add section (6) (a) – (d) and Section 17-703 (b) to include the new Limited Industrial district with requirements for landscaping.