Public Notices

Lake Shore Drive Residents - Trash and Recycling Receptacle Placement Information

Effective Monday, September 8, 2014 residents residing on the east side of Lake Shore Drive (odd # houses) will be required to place trash carts (Monday service) and recycle carts (Thursday service) on the west side of the street for collections. This change applies to cart services only. Yard debris and bulk items may still be placed in front of your residence for collection. Click here for more information.

Beach Tents

The town governs the beach within its corporate limits, so any ordinance that Horry County adopts will not affect the town.  At this time, there is no intention of banning tents or umbrellas on the beach. The only code the town currently has with regard to tents on the beach is in Section 12-67, “Obstructions”, which states:

Except for Town of Surfside Beach equipment, it shall be unlawful, between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., for any person to leave upon, put, place or set any equipment, but not limited to, chairs, umbrellas, windbreakers, surfboards, air floats, life rafts, tents, cabanas, pavilions, volleyball nets, etc., or to build or erect any fence or other obstruction on the public beach, so as to obstruct, impede or retard the free and unconstrained use and occupancy of the public beach by the public or so as to interfere or obstruct any maintenance operation of the beach. Beach umbrellas and other beach paraphernalia will be at a distance of at least ten (10) feet to the rear (inland side) of the lifeguard stands and in a line generally parallel with the ocean strand. It shall be unlawful to place any obstruction on the beach in such a position that it will interfere with the ground-level vision of a lifeguard looking toward the water and the lifeguard stands on either side of him.

Trailer Parking for Bike Weeks

In order to keep trailers in areas better equipped to deal with larger conveyances, the Town of Surfside Beach is offering free parking for bike trailers only in the 13th Avenue South (west side of Ocean Blvd.) and 16th Avenue North lots. This does not include 13th Avenue South Street end lot (east side of Ocean Blvd.) Free parking is exclusively for town residents and visitors residing in rental properties within the incorporated town limits. This is valid only during the following "bike week" dates: May 16th-22nd, May 26th-29th and September 26th-October 2nd. Please click here to view our bike week page.

Parking Brochure Available

Click on the following link to view a copy of our Parking Brochure

Parking Reminders

All parking on Ocean Blvd is by permit only and only on the West side of the street in designated areas. Parking is not allowed on sidewalks, or within 10 feet of a driveway or beach access, or within 30 feet of an intersection.

Fire Department Smoke Detector Program

The Surfside Beach Fire Department Smoke Detector Program is for all residents of the town no matter what your financial status.  The fire department will install them for you at no cost. Smoke detectors can be installed by members of the Surfside Beach Fire Department.  Upon request, a home fire-safety check can be conducted at the time of installation.  Trained personnel will identify hazards often unnoticed in the home which may cause a fire.  In most cases, a few simple maintenance procedures can make your home safer.  Personnel will also fully explain how your new smoke detector functions and how to maintain it. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Surfside Beach Fire Department at 843-913-6369. Click here for more information.

Surfside Beach Youth Sports Association

The Surfside Beach Youth Sports Association is dedicated to providing the best Baseball and Softball experience to the youth of our community. Our mission is to foster, promote and teach baseball and softball in the Town of Surfside, particularly to children and young adults. We strive to provide maximum opportunity for all eligible individuals to participate in a healthy, positive, and safe environment with a strong focus on moral conduct, sportsmanship, and teamwork. For more information, click here.