Ralph Magliette Senior Citizens Committee



Duties:  The Ralph Magliette Senior Citizens Committee's purpose is develop programs and events within the town limits that involve senior citizen participation and input.

Qualifications: The Ralph Magliette Senior Citizens Committee shall consist of seven (7) resident volunteers and one non-voting member of Town Council who shall serve in an advisory capacity, with a goal of recommending programs and policies that promote senior citizen involvement and participation while promoting a senior citizen friendly atmosphere within the town. Town residency is required. 

Meeting Schedule: The meetings are the last Monday monthly, except November and December at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Members and Terms of Office

  • Steve Shore, Chairman       09/25/2018 to 09/25/2022
    Joe Buczek 10/24/2017 to 10/24/2021 
    Linda McKeen 09/13/2016 to 09/13/2020
    Gail King 08/28/2018 to 08/28/2022
    Kat Brown 09/25/2018 to 09/25/2022

    The Hon. Randle Stevens, ex-officio Town Council Liaison

For more information about the Ralph Magliette Senior Citizens Committee, please contact Town Clerk Debra Herrmann at 843.913.6333 or dherrmann@surfsidebeach.org.
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