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12/13/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF  
12/05/2016 Special Meeting Agenda PDF  
11/30/2016 Special Meeting Agenda PDF  
11/22/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF SCDOT Highway 17 Plans
11/18/2016 Workshop - FY16-17 Budget Notice PDF FY2016-2017 Budget
11/07/2016 Regular Meeting - MONDAY Agenda PDF  
11/04/2016 Workshop - Tree Ordinances Notice PDF

Chapter 17 - Article VII Landscaping and
Tree Protection

10/25/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF Corrected Finance Report
10/11/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF  
10/04/2016 EMERGENCY Meeting Agenda & Documents PDF  
09/27/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda


2016 Beach Sweep Report
09/15/2016 Special Meeting-Swash Improvements Agenda PDF Decision Paper - Swash Improvements
09/13/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF  
08/22/2016 Regular Meeting on MONDAY Agenda PDF  
08/15/2016 Notice PDF

Proposed Amendments PP
Proposed Ordinance

08/08/2016 Regular Meeting on MONDAY Agenda PDF

Mr. Crouch letter to SCDOT

SCDOT Response to Mr. Crouch

07/26/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF  
07/20/2016 Special Meeting Agenda PDF  
07/12/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF  
07/11/2016 Special Meeting Agenda PDF  
06/27/2016 Regular Meeting on MONDAY Agenda PDF  
06/17/2016 Special Meeting Agenda PDF FY16-17 Proposed Budget
06/13/2016 Regular Meeting on MONDAY Agenda PDF Amended Agenda
05/24/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF  
05/10/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF Agenda with Ashlee Reese Courtney
04/26/2016 Regular Meeting Agenda PDF Amended Agenda
4/21-4/22/2016 Budget Workshop Notice PDF FY16-17 Proposed Budget
04/12/2016 Regular Meeting PDF PDF  
03/22/2016 Regular Meeting PDF PDF  
03/08/2016 Regular Meeting PDF PDF  
02/23/2016 Regular Meeting PDF PDF  
02/15/2016 Workshop - Sanitation PDF PDF Ordinance #16-0818    Sanitation PP
02/12/2016 Visioning Workshop PDF PDF Creating Budget PP
02/09/2016 Regular Meeting PDF PDF  
01/26/2016 Regular Meeting PDF PDF  
01/21/2016 Workshop - Events PDF PDF Visioning w/Recreation
01/16/2016 Special Meeting - PD Remodel PDF PDF  
01/12/2016 Regular Meeting PDF PDF