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Yard Sale Permit Application

  1. Town of Surfside Beach

    TEL: 843-913-6341

  2. Input the date(s) of the yard sale 

  3. Town Council passed an ordinance regarding yard sales and motor vehicles, boats or trailers being sold in a residentially zoned area:

    The sale of merchandise by a business entity, items purchased for resale, or consignment items may not be sold. The sale of bulk items (four or more identical items not in a set) is prohibited.

    1. Yard sales/sale of personal property in yard areas of residential zoned areas shall be limited to three (3) per calendar year. (No more than 2 consecutive days per yard sale).

    2. Hours - merchandise and any tables, shelving or racks used to display merchandise must be removed from the yard space by sundown.

    3. Only one motor vehicle or boat/trailer per residence may display indications that it is "for sale."

  4. It is understood and agreed by the requester that the issuance of this permit grants the Code Enforcement Official(s) access to the property as listed above and it does not constitute a privilege to violate any town ordinance, codes, or regulations, and that any omission or misrepresentation of facts or changes from this application or permit without the approval of the Planning, Building & Zoning Department shall constitute sufficient grounds for revocation of any permits issued.

    The requester further understands that he/she is limited to three (3) yard sales per calendar year (January to December) and violating this ordinance may result in a municipal summons.

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