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Our committees play a pivotal role in our Town governance to achieve our vision.  We want to be the #1 family destination in South Carolina.  Certain committees are required by state law and are sanctioned accordingly.  Other committees are ad hoc and may adapt to the Town’s growing and changing needs.  We are proud of our committees and volunteers that have shown dedication to our Town. 

Each committee has a unique role in guiding our Town into the future.  They evaluate issues or potential improvements and provide recommendations to Town Council for approval of implementation.  Each committee is in the process of evaluating their mission/charter for potential realignment with the Town’s changing needs.  They have been asked to establish goals and objectives to focus their efforts to fulfil our vision. 

Due to recent resignations or expiring terms of current members, we have several openings in our advising committees.  If you want to help drive our success – please consider volunteering/applying for one of the following open positions. 

Check the attached link for specific qualifications, restrictions, and expectations of each committee, and the application form.

Accommodation Tax Committee, statutory committee of 7 members, has 1 vacancy and 1 term expiring this year.

Board of Zoning Appeals, statutory committee of 7 members, has a term expiring later this year.

Business Committee, ad hoc committee of 9 members, has 2 opening, 1 expired term and another expiring later this year.

Construction Board of Appeals, statutory committee of 7 members, has 2 opening.

Planning Commission, statutory committee of 7 members, has 1 opening.

Ralph Magliette Senior Citizen Committee, ad hoc committee of 7 members, has 6 openings.

Stormwater Committee, ad hoc committee of 4 members, has 1 term expiring this year.

Volunteer applications are accepted at any time for all boards, commissions and committees. You may print the form, call the town clerk at 843.913.6333 or send an email message to to have a form sent to you,

Click here to view the application form. 


Accommodations Tax

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Board and Zoning Appeals

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Business Committee

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Construction Board of Appeals

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Surfside Beach Historical Society

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