Fiscal Transparency

About the Town of Surfside Beach Finance Department

Welcome to the Town of Surfside Beach Fiscal Transparency page. As the town's accounting and fiscal watchdog, the Surfside Beach Finance Department supervises town spending, keeps the town's books and maintains accounting controls over the other town departments.

The Finance Department administers the spending of town, A-tax and Hospitality funds. All payrolls for town employees, vouchers for bills owed by the town and interdepartmental payments between agencies are submitted to the Finance Department for processing. The Finance Department examines all payments to ensure they are properly authorized by officials, that funds are available to cover them, and that they are properly classified in the town's accounting system.

Fiscal transparency is essential to sound government. When spending is done in the open, public officials are usually more accountable, because they know their actions will be subject to public scrutiny. Besides, citizens have a right to know where their hard-earned tax dollars are going.

The check register's you will view on the Finance Department page are of the town's monthly disbursements. Select the link below to obtain information on the town's monthly expenditures.


Town of Surfside Beach Finance Department

State of South Carolina Comptroller's Office