Accommodations Tax Form  

Accommodations Tax Grant Application 

Application-Accessory Building


Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Decision of Zoning Official)

Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Variance) 

Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Tree Removal) 

Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Special Exception)

Application - Construction Board of Appeals

Application - Construction Board of Appeals (flood)

Application-Building Permit

Application-Bulkhead/Seawall Permit

Application for a Temporary Certificate of Zoning Compliance

Application for Moving Permit

Application for New Construction

Application for Pool Permit

Application for Rezoning

Application-Sign Permit

Application-Tree Removal

Building Permit Fees

Building Permit Application

Business License Application

Business License Application Instructions

Code Clearance

Code Clearance - In Home Business

Credit Card Payment Form

District Regulations

Dog License Application

Employment Application

Facade Grant Application (for C1 and C2 Districts)

Fill Composition Certification

Frequently Asked Questions: Business Licences

Frequently Asked Questions: Hospitality and Accommodations Tax

Flood Hazard Areas Addendum Permit

Hospitality Tax Form 

HVAC Inspection Form

Impervious Surface Calculations

Landscaping and Lot Coverage Worksheet

Maintenance Application (For Structures in Floodplain Only)

Night Reference

Non Conversion Agreement & Affidavit

Outdoor Cafes Encroachment and Application

Owner Notice of Improvement Affidavit

Parking Ticket Dispute Form

Residential Site Plan and As-Built Survey Requirements

Roster Card

Special Needs Form

State Encroachment Form

Stormwater Easement with Affidavit

Stormwater Maintenance Covenant

Street Light Petition

Substantial Improvement/Damage Worksheets

Summer Roll-Out "Opt Out" Form

Town Encroachment Form

Zoning Approval Application

Zoning Map