Accommodations Tax Form  

Accommodations Tax Grant Application 

Application-Accessory Building

Application -Addition Packet

Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Decision of Zoning Official)

Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Variance) 

Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Tree Removal) 

Application - Board of Zoning Appeals (Special Exception)

Application - Construction Board of Appeals

Application - Construction Board of Appeals (flood)

Application-Building Permit

Application-Bulkhead/Seawall Permit

Application for a Temporary Certificate of Zoning Compliance

Application for Moving Permit

Application for New Construction

Application for Pool Permit

Application for Rezoning

Application-Sign Permit

Application-Tree Removal

Application-Yard Sale

Building Permit Fees

Building Permit Application

Business License Application

Business License Application Instructions

Code Clearance

Code Clearance - In Home Business

Credit Card Payment Form

District Regulations

Dog License Application

Employment Application

Facade Grant Application (for C1 and C2 Districts)

Fill Composition Certification

Frequently Asked Questions: Business Licences

Frequently Asked Questions: Hospitality and Accommodations Tax

Flood Hazard Areas Addendum Permit

Hold Harmless-Bulkhead

Hospitality Tax Form 

HVAC Inspection Form

Stormwater Impervious/Building Area Worksheet

Maintenance Application (For Structures in Floodplain Only)

Night Reference

Non Conversion Agreement & Affidavit

Outdoor Cafes Encroachment and Application

Owner Notice of Improvement Affidavit

Parking Ticket Dispute Form

Residential Site Plan and As-Built Survey Requirements

Roster Card

Special Needs Form

State Encroachment Form

Stormwater Easement with Affidavit

Stormwater Maintenance Covenant

Street Light Petition

Substantial Improvement/Damage Worksheets

Summer Roll-Out "Opt Out" Form

Town Encroachment Form

Zoning Approval Application

Zoning Map