Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Committee

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Yard of the Month Nominations

The Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Committee is seeking nominations for the Yard of the Month.  Residences and businesses may be nominated. Nominations are due by the 3rd Friday of every month.  Please send nominations to, or


  NOTE:  Nominations are not accepted beginning in November until March, (the winter season.)



 You may volunteer for this committee at any time. To view/print the application form click here.

At this time, there are no vacancies.



  The Town Beautification & Engagement Committee is ad hoc; it acts as a community engagement organization designed to serve Surfside Beach by promoting and enhancing the beauty and spirit of the town by identifying areas of improvement and engaging community partners, while educating, encouraging and motivating our citizens to become better stewards of its natural resources.


Term:  4 years

Qualifications:  The Beautification Committee shall consist of resident volunteers and a non-voting member of Town Council. Membership is limited to nine (9) individuals. Committee members must live in the town of Surfside Beach, SC.

Meeting Schedule:  The Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful committee meets the third Friday every month at 10:00 a.m. at the Surfside Beach Fire Station, 821 1st Avenue North, in the conference room.  All meetings are open to the public. 

Purpose: The purpose for establishing this committee is to provide a vehicle to unify the town with a cohesive approach that works towards the improvement of the aesthetics of the town, helping to ensure that the town’s physical sites and treasures project a positive view of the residents and businesses in our community. Town beautification, improvement and preservation is a steppingstone to improve civic pride within the community and motivate the residents to become more involved in the collective beautification process.  Surfside Beach resident engagement is the emotional commitment the residents have to the town and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged residents actually care about their community. When residents care—when they are engaged—they use discretionary effort.

The Town Beautification and Engagement Committee strives to:

  • Work within the best interests of the town as a whole; support the objectives and priorities of Town Council
  • Make our town beautiful inside and out
    • Promote and improve the physical aesthetics of the town
    • Give back to the community and work towards the better good
    • Promote positivity; encourage participation, feedback and conversation
    • Build a stronger sense of community; contribute to and enhance the culture of the town
  • Have fun, smile, boost Surfside pride, make the town better for future generations

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Beach Sweep Calendar

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Adopt-A-Beach Beach Trash Pick Up Forms

Palms of Surfside Beach

Plantings for Ocean Boulevard



Name                                                          TERM

Tabitha Mull, Chairman      10/22/2019 to 10/22/2023
Linda Woodlief, Treasurer 10/09/2018 to 10/09/2022
Ellen Delaplane,Vice Chairwoman 03/26/2019 to 03/26/2023
Patricia Horner 09/24/2019 to 09/24/2023
Trish Smith  
Jolene Selwa 07/14/2020 to 07/14/2024
Jennifer Jazwinski

07/14/2020 to 07/14/2024

Brenda Lawhorn 07/14/2020 to 07/14/2024
  • The Hon. Bob Hellyer, ex-officio Town Council Liaison

For more information on the Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful Committee or to contact its membership, please contact the town clerk by calling 843.913.6333 or send an email message to


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09-17-2016 N/A SC Sea Grant Beach Sweep Report
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