Mayor's Update 12/18/2020

Mayor Hellyer’s Daily Update

December 18, 2020


  • South Carolina Cases: 247,361** 
  • South Carolina Deaths 4,512**
  • Horry County Cases: 15,899** denotes results (12/18/2020 at 1:32 PM)                    


Breakfast with Santa is tomorrow…. – Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020 9:00 - 10:30 PM at the Golden Egg Restaurant.  Attendance is limited to 40 kids.  There are currently 32 kids signed up for this event. For more information, contact Debbie Ellis at Town Hall at 843-913-6111.

DHEC reports that a total of 230 people came today to be tested. That is the highest number since they started the free testing program in October.  They stated that most of the people came to be tested prior to traveling over the holidays.  This is a good way to be tested to ensure that you do not travel if you are positive, and also a good way to insure when you return, that you have not been exposed.

This is the last update for this year…….

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

Remember to check on your neighbors………

Posted by Vickie Mattingly 12/18/2020