Resolution Status
Note: MOU is an acronym for Memorandum of Understanding  

21-144 Parking Committee Charter

21-143 Retail Recruitment Training Failed
21-142  Suspending Enforcement of certain Ordinances that prohibit the post of advertisements on property Approved
21-141 Authorized representative for the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Approved
21-140 Suspend enforcement of certain Ordinances to allow sale of Alcohol. Approved
21- 138  KSBB Approved
21-137- Beer Truck Approved
21- 136 Town Council Vision Statement Approved
21-135 Ratify and retroactively consent to certain Horry Councty Ordinances Approved
21- 134 Horry County All Haazard Plan Approved
21-204 Sale of Pier wood Approved
20-205 Temporarily suspending zoning ordinance Approved
20-204 Arbor Day Approved
20-203 Promote Work Place Safety Approved
19-202 Resolution conditionally Authorize execution of consent to a settlement agreement in principle Approved
19-201 November 19, 2019 Runoff Election Results Approved
19-200 November 5, 2019 General Election Results Approved
19-199 Workplace Safety
19-198 Rename "Passive Park" to "Memorial Park"
19-197 to Escrow Extra Hospitality & Local Accommodations Tax Revenue until Case #2019-CP-26-01732 is settled Approved
19-196 Clarify Section 402 Vacation Time in the Employee Personnel Handbook Approved
18-195 MASC Setoff Debt Agreement Approved
18-194 Promote Work Place Safety Approved
18-193 This number assigned to Proclamation for Constitution Week 2018 Approved
18-192 Support Horry County 2018 Solid Waste Management Plan Approved
18-191 Participate in the SC Local Government Investment Pool Approved
18-190 Declaration of Runoff Election Results April 17, 2018 Approved
18-189 Declaration of General Municipal Election Results  April 3, 2018 Approved
18-188 MOU Pier Outfitters, Inc. Approved
18-187 To Abandon Right-of-Way at 10th Avenue South Approved
17-186 To Promote Work Place Safety Approved
17-185 MOU Horry County Law Enforcement Network Approved
17-184 MOU Statewide Emergency Management Agreement Approved
17-183 Declaration of a State of Emergency for the Town (Hurricane Irma) Approved
17-182 Reduce R Magliette Senior Citizens Committee to 5 Members Approved
17-181 Participate in Home Consortium Failed
17-180 Change Town Council Meeting Dates in June & July 2017 Approved
17-179 MOU Pier Outfitters, Inc. Approved
17-178 MOU City of Myrtle Beach Police Department Approved
17-177 To Support RIA Grant for the Myrtle Swash Culvert Bridge & Necessary Alignments Approved
16-176 To Authorize Hurricane Matthew Debris Pickup Approved
16-175 SCDOT Agreement to Improve Highway 17 Business in the Town Limits Approved
16-174 Declaration of a State of Emergency for the Town of Surfside Beach Approved
16-173 Workplace Safety Approved
16-172 To Declare August 23, 2016 Runoff Election Results Approved
16-171 To Declare August 9, 2016 Election Results Approved
16-170 Congratulate Coastal Carolina Chanticleers 2016 Division I Baseball Champions      Approved
16-169 Support I-73 Construction Approved
16-168 Tasty Tuesdays - Food Trucks at Farmers Market Approved
16-167 2016 Runoff Election Results Approved
16-166 2016 General & Special Election Results Approved
16-165 Anti-Fraud Policy Approved
16-164 Increase Business Committee to Nine Members Approved
16-163 Horry County Mitigation Plan Approved
16-162 Autism Friendly Travel Destination Approved
15-161 Ralph Magliette Senior Citizens Committee Approved
15-160 Work Place Safety Approved
15-159 To Oppose Seismic Testing & Offshore Drilling Along SC Coast          Approved
15-158 Change Stormwater Committee to 5 Members Approved
15-157 To Accelerate Pier Fund Repayment to General Fund Deferred
15-156 Support Taste of Surfside Beach $2.00 Fishing Discount Approved
15-155 Oppose H3490 Cap to Business License Fee Approved
15-154 Support HC 2015 Solid Waste Authority Management Plan Approved
15-153 Resolution for PPI Document Approved
15-152 Surfside Beach Resort Pier Passes Approved
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