Town FAQ's

Speed Limits

  • Speed limit in town is 25 miles per hour, except where posted.  Speed limits are strictly enforced.

For the complete ordinance, click here.

Golf Carts

  • During daylight hours only, a permitted golf cart may be operated within four (4) miles of the address on the registration certificate and only on a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five (35) miles an hour or less.  
  • A permitted golf cart may cross a highway or street at an intersection where the highway has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five (35) miles an hour.
  •  A person operating a permitted golf cart must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and hold a valid driver's license. The operator of a permitted golf cart being operated on a highway or street must have in his possession:  (1) The registration certificate issued by the department of motor vehicles; (2) Proof of liability insurance for the golf cart; and (3) His driver's license.
  •  A golf cart permit must be replaced with a new permit every five (5) years or at the time the permit holder changes his address. 

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  • All dogs are not allowed to run free outside of the dog park and must be a leash no more than seven feet in length.  In addition, all dogs older than four months old must have a registration tag.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10 am to 5 pm May 1 thru Labor Day.  All dog owners are required to pick up after their animal.

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Dates and times of enforcement for meters and pay station areas only means March 1st through October 31st annually, from the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

  • No parking places:  It shall be unlawful at any time for a person to permit any vehicle, golf cart, or trailer to stop, stand, or park in any of the following places, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic, or in compliance with the direction of a police officer or traffic control device:

  • (1) At any place where official signs prohibit parking

    (2) On any sidewalk.

    (3) Within thirty (30) feet of any intersection not otherwise designated for parking.

    (4) Within ten (10) feet of any beach access, driveway and entrance or exit to any parking lot.

    (5) On any private property without consent of the owner.

    (6) Within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.

    (7) In any metered space, pay station area, or upon any public right-of-way with the vehicle facing against the proper flow of traffic unless directed by a law enforcement officer.

    Pier parking pay stations. Hourly charges are hereby established at the rate of two dollars ($2.00) per hour, plus various transaction fees and said charges are subject to annual review by town council.  Value parking - 112—114 13th Avenue South parking lot (west of Ocean Boulevard). Hourly charges are hereby established at the rate of fifty cents ($.50) per hour, plus various transactions fees. Said charges are subject to annual review by town council. All other parking lots meters and pay stations. Hourly charges are hereby established at the rate of one dollar and seventy-five cents ($1.75) per hour, plus various transaction fees, except for the pier parking lot as stated in subsection (a) above and value parking as stated in subsection (b) above. Said charges are subject to annual review by town council.

  •  Daily charges are established at the rate of ten dollars ($10.00) per day. Expiration of daily rates is 7:00 p.m. on the day of issue.  Weekly charges are  established at the rate of forty dollars ($40.00) per week, which expires at midnight on the seventh day from issue counting the issue day (i.e., Saturday to Friday midnight; Sunday to Saturday midnight; Monday to Sunday midnight, etc.)
  • Surfside Drive parking. : C2 Business District. Parking spaces on Surfside Drive in the C2 Business District from Highway 17 Business to Poplar Drive are exempt from time limitations.  Hollywood Drive to Pinewood Drive. Parking in spaces located on Surfside Drive between Hollywood Drive and Pinewood Drive is limited to one (1) hour.  Decal parking. Vehicles displaying current Town of Surfside Beach parking decals are exempt from time limitations regardless of where they are parked on Surfside Drive.

For the complete ordinance, click here, or to view for more parking information..

No one wants to get a parking ticket, but if you do, you can pay it online.

 If the ticket was issued by the Lanier Parking Authority, it will  look like this: 




Click here to pay a Lanier Parking fine.

If the ticket was issued by the Surfside Police Department, it will look like this:

Click here to pay a Surfside Beach PD parking ticket



 It shall be unlawful for any person to use, fire, shoot, or discharge fireworks without permission from the town council, or to sell, offer for sale, store, exchange, give away, or possess any type of fireworks within the limits of the town, except on the fourth day of July only on which date fireworks may be discharged in the area between the mean high water mark eastward to the Atlantic Ocean. It shall be unlawful to discharge fireworks within five hundred (500) feet of the pier.   Any person or business that causes a fire by the selling or using of fireworks within the town, whether permitted or prohibited herein, shall be responsible for all fire suppression costs and any other damages resulting from damage caused by fire.

For the complete ordinance, click here.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


To view how you can receive information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, please visit


Internet Exchange Location


  • The Internet Exchange Location is a well lit area, with 24 hour video surveillance.  It is located in the Town Hall parking lot, next to the skate park, in between the police station and the firehouse.  We recommend that you do the exchange for any on-line transaction in the Internet Exchange Location. 

Weddings on the Beach

Marriage Licenses – A South Carolina marriage license can be obtained from Horry County Probate Court. They can be reached at (843) 915-5370 or visit them at

If you perform a simple ceremony on the beach (bride, groom, and a few friends) within the Surfside Beach town limits (17th Avenue North southward to Melody Lane), we ask that

          (a) you remove any items you take with you
          (b) allow the public to observe the ceremony, if they wish 
          (c) do not use any balloons, glass or plastics that could harm the wildlife
          (d) fill any holes that you dig
          (e) Wedding planners must have a Town of Surfside Beach business license.  Contact the business license office at 843.913.6339 or 843.913.6342.

Congratulations to the happy couple.