Weddings on the Beach

Marriage Licenses – A South Carolina marriage license can be obtained from Horry County Probate Court. Call  (843) 915-5370 or visit them at

If you perform a simple ceremony on the beach (bride, groom, and a few friends) within the Surfside Beach town limits (17th Avenue North southward to Melody Lane), we ask that

          (a) you remove any items you take with you
          (b) allow the public to observe the ceremony, if they wish 
          (c) do not use any balloons, glass or plastics that could harm the wildlife
          (d) fill any holes that you dig
          (e) Wedding planners, or others being paid to perform services, must have a Town of Surfside Beach business license.  Contact the business license office at 843.913.6339 or 843.913.6342.

Congratulations to the happy couple.